Service Learning

Dear all,
Please note that we will be visiting Beo Crescent THK SAC this Friday.
1. Complete the pre-service learning reflection.

2. $40 budget
- Prepare prizes for games
- 4 chiffon cakes for the elderly
3. Service learning folder

- Complete the Service learning proposal
- Complete the expenditure claim form

  • Plan activities which will get the elderly involved
  • For activities, can consider singing and games
  • For games, buy prizes such as biscuits (in sachets)
  • Can consider including simple stretching exercises followed by a coffee break as part of the 2 hour programme. This is the usual programme at the centre in the morning

Equipment at centre
  • No projector screen: Cannot view videos or play music from LD
  • Have microphones
  • Have karaoke system: If want to play songs for activities, burn songs to DVD
  • Have bingo resources

Bus depart: 0845 Pickup: 1135

-Simple stretching exercise
Seated exercise.
We will demonstrate and lead the exercise
Seniors seated on chairs in rows

Prepare soft balls for the elderly
Tea break

-We will provide biscuits or chiffon cakes.
-Need centre to provide hot drinks
Memory Card Game or Can Knockdown or Simon Says
-Pairs of picture cards pasted on A3 paper, with pictures covered. -Seniors flip the cards and try to match the pairs. -During a turn, if the pair of cards flipped by the seniors are different, the cards will be covered again
-Seniors win when they match all pairs of cards

Seniors win when their ball knockdown the most no. of cans.
Seniors seated. Tables required.

-Seniors seated. Tables required.
- We will prepare bingo cards
Sing along session
Possible songse.g. Di tanjong katong, Chan Mali Chan, 我问天 MV -Weng Li You, Dayung Sampan, 月亮代表我的心 Yue liang dai biao wo de xin 鄧麗君Teresa Teng,pinyin
-Karaoke system required.
-We will bring dvd of songs

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